Is repairing your current phone better than getting a new one?

Walking through the subway and your phone drops, your screen is broken and you really can’t send texts. We know your world has come crashing down already. It feels like you are disconnected, you don’t know what’s up. You feel lonely and clueless. Such are the times we live in. We need to know who is going to what restaurant and what are your #weekendscenes.

Amidst this, if your phone breaks down, your immediate reaction would be “Omg, I need to get a new one because  I really can’t live without it.”. But just so you don’t panic and make wrong decisions, we are here to advise you on what to do. 

Here are some reasons you should pick Repairing over getting a new phone when it’s broken. 


When your phone breaks, it may be screen damage, liquid damage, maybe some battery issues that cause charging problems, your touchpad doesn’t work, or a million other things that can go wrong. It is best to go for repairs in these cases because these issues can be solved. These particular issues can be taken care of at so much lesser cost than what a new phone would be priced for. You may be done with your battery repair even in say $50 but your new phone might cost you $850. It is not practical and not worth it. Better use that money somewhere it would be needed in? 


Say you have screen damage, the repairing person will fix it in 2 days for you. Say you need to buy a new phone, you will have to research it, read its reviews, decide on your budget, buy it, set it up… phew sounds like a task. 

But why invest your time in something that will cost you money and waste your time? Well, to crack a joke and be practical simultaneously here “time is money, buying a new phone wastes that”. 

Repair your phone and use it till its maximum utility because buying a new one, it deserves to be treated well. 


Talking about treating your phones well, it is important to know their value and also the impact they have on our surroundings. Phone manufacturing releases a lot of carbon dioxide in the process. Apart from that, major materials like coltan or niobium are used to manufacture phones. They are getting lower and lower these days and are a threat to our environment and the supply chain. 

Also, when you dump your phone, it may actually never be recycled and end up being in the trash. This will increase the already increasing e-waste. So now you know how to be healthy in your environment because if you don’t, it will be unhealthy for your lifestyle. 


Goes without saying that if your phone is under warranty, you should definitely get it replaced. But if it’s not, ask yourself this question- have I used my phone to its maximum capacity? Does it deserve to be replaced? If the answer is no, get it repaired. Make sure you use your phone to its maximum value. You have been reading this article for good enough reasons, haven’t you?


Your phone will need a new screen card, probably gorilla glass (so it doesn’t break like the last time), it will also need a new cover, camera protection, and phone charms if you are into them. Buying new accessories comes with new expenses. You will be easily burning your pocket on your new phone and taking responsibility for the expenses you are not ready for. 

But repairing cuts this off altogether. One more reason to go for it, I say. 


If you have shifted from Android to iOS, you have the trauma of losing chats. I know how that feels. It feels like somebody is taking your memories away. That dilemma may exist even when you are buying a new phone. The threat of losing data is always there. You do not want to live with that. The solution to that? Repair your phones, don’t replace them unless really needed. 

We bet there is a lot of excitement in buying a new phone, but there is a lot of practicality in repairing one. It is not about money, it is also about your time and effort. You can check out (name of the company and its credentials) and rely on us for mobile repairing services. No time-wasting, less effort, and affordable. What else are you looking for?

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