The Internet is full of knowledge, be it contour hacks to slim your face or learning a new skill like making thumbnails, Google will give you everything you need to know. 

But, the internet also consists of this harmless virus; it’s called misinformation. There are a few articles you need to be aware of, you need to know that everything on the internet is not the ultimate truth. Use your common sense along with the knowledge that you are getting. 

One of the most shocking hacks on that part of the Internet is DIY Mobile repairing. Think about this, repairing your mobile phone with some random items from the kitchen. 

In this article, let us tell you some of the weird DIY hacks you should never try for repairing your phone. 


So you have to apparently rub your screen with toothpaste till it removes the scratches.

This hack is harmful on so many levels. Firstly, rubbing your screen with toothpaste can even make it worse. The texture of the screen can worsen and if the toothpaste goes into the speaker or mic, it can actually block the voice coming in or going out. That will be another expense for you to fix it. Just get the necessary repairing device rather than experimenting with your phone. Not a good device you should be experimenting with. 

  1. Using Plastic Bags instead of Screen Protection 

The articles say you can use plastic bags if you are financially weak and don’t want to spend on screen protection. This is one of the most dangerous pieces of advice anyone can ever give in my opinion. 

Say you are using a plastic bag instead of screen protection and you think it will protect your screen, you carry it with your trust. You put it in your bag that has a lot of other things that can break your phone screen with movement. But you think plastic bags will act as protection. You put it in and the screen breaks. Whose loss is it? 

Practically speaking, how can a thin bag prevent a phone from breaking? Think about it logically before applying hacks. Don’t make things worse for yourself. 

  1. Put your phone in rice if it goes in the water. 

Say you are getting your laundry done while talking to the client on call and your phone drops in the washing machine. What do you do? Experts say you put it in rice. 

Rice apparently soaks the water out of the battery in 2 days. It’s science, it’s true. But think about if your case is extreme and keeping in rice will only make the condition of your phone worse. Rice can only soak up so much water. 

It’s better to not take risks than pay for the issues that didn’t happen to you in the first place. 


Just like toothpaste, you need to be rubbing sandpaper till the scratches disappear from your phone’s screen. 

Imagine you doing this and you end up scratching your phone so much that instead of removing the scratches, you end up breaking your screen. 

Then you have to pay $100 for getting your screen done. Worse enough? 


Put the whole bottle of nail polish and let it dry, then scratch it off and you have a new screen. 

That doesn’t sound right. You can’t put the nail paint on your screen and let it dry. 

It can actually go in the speaker or mic, it can again worsen the texture of your screen and make things worse for you. 

What you should be doing is getting your phone repaired by a professional. 


This one article on the internet says that you have to make a thick paste of baking soda and run it on your screen. More like scrubbing it till the scratches disappear and I think it’s so dangerous to even try. Because the cracks might be deep and if the paste goes inside the phone, it might really be harmful and your phone might even stop working. 

It’s important to note that you should not try experimenting by picking up random items from your pantry. Putting a screen card is far better than trying out hacks that can provide you more harm than good. 


Citrus is harmful if used in the wrong places. It applies to your skin. Your skin may break out really quickly. Imagine putting lemon juice on your phone. The liquid form of juice may actually go in the parts of the phone that are not really tolerant to it. 

The conclusion yet again comes that it is quite dangerous to squeeze lemon on your screen, as weird as that may sound. 


Vegetable oil tends to hold the same amount of liquid consistency like lemon juice. Plus, putting oil on your screen can actually ruin the touch experience of it. It may become very oily, your hands might actually slip while typing or scrolling. 

You will then need a cleanup and plus there is a threat to ruin the parts of your phone you knew you were intolerant to the items from the kitchen. 


Now I know that our hands drop and we spill our phones in the water, our batteries are affected the most by it. There are these hacks that actually say that we need to use a hairdryer to dry out our batteries. 

But imagine doing this to your phone and the heat of the battery actually burns the battery. This is so dangerous for your phone. We easily know that batteries are very expensive, especially if you have an iPhone. It’s better to be safe than go all out and pay far worse than you were supposed to. 


We all know that repair kits contain screwdrivers, and types of equipment that are sharp. Even if you learn to use them from YouTube, there is a chance that things may go wrong and you may end up breaking some important part of your phone. This is too experimental and too dangerous because, at the end of it, your phone may end up breaking. It is only sane to not spend on a DIY mobile repair kit and spend it on a professional who has been doing this for a longer period of time. 

It is always very important to know that there are only certain things you can do. It is important to know the limits and know how much to trust the internet. While you can do a lot of things with the help of the internet, you cannot take its luxury and do absolutely everything on your own. You need to rely on other people. 

That other people can be us though. If you want any mobile repair services, and other similar services, make sure to check us out and contact us. We are always there for you! 

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